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Release Date : 05 March 2021



WARWOUND needs very little introduction a band comprising of founder members of VARUKERS, SACRILEGE, HELLKRUSHER and DECADENCE WITHIN. Warwound blends the best of metal and punk. What new album WWIII has to offer is 15 angry songs with heavy guitar solid bass lines and pounding drums all accompanied by raw aggressive vocals. Yes its a messed up world and Warwound have something to say about it! Definitely not for the weak hearted!
1. Bastards
2. The Blindfolds Of Biggotts
3. Hypocrisy Of The Powers That Be
4. Just A Thought
5. Children Of War
6. The Age Of The Racists
7. Mislead/Decieve
8. People Are Shit
9. We Dont Accept
10. Note To Self
11. The Blood Never Dries
12. Take The Money And Run
13. Is This Me
14. Undesirable
15. Fight Your Demons
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