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Item no. : LPAO231
Artist : A/ORATOS
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 02 February 2024



A/Oratos is a Gnostic Black Metal band formed in Paris in 2016 by Wilhelm, deriving its name from the Greek AORATOS, which could be translated as in/visible.

The band engages in a struggle against the materiality and spiritual void of contemporary society through Knowledge, offering a musical reflection on the connections that govern the realms of the Visible and the Invisible.

Intensely melodic and mystical, featuring progressive variations and acoustic atmospheres, the group draws its reflection from the ancient esoteric traditions of Hermetism, Kabbalah, and Gnosis from the early centuries after AD.

Following a self-produced EP released in 2019, A/Oratos is returning with a debut album mixed and mastered by Frédéric Gervais at Studio Henosis, set to be released by Les Acteurs de l'Ombre in 2024.

1. Le Hiérophante
2. Daath
3. Deuteros
4. Disciplina Arcani
5. Ô Roi des Eons
6. De la Gnose Eternelle
7. Le Septième Sceau
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