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Release Date : 02 March 2015



Few groups can match Blutengel's prowess in expertly pulling the strings on an entire gamut of feelings, creating a gripping yet catchy monument for the dark side that resides deeply in each and everyone of us, while transitioning seamlessly into a dance floor compatible fireworks display of electronic beats. From the pompous orchestral intro that segues into the monumental hit single "Sing", via pumping Gothic-Electro-sounds (like in "The Siren" or the nostalgic "Asche zu Asche"), to the anthemic "Wir sind was wir sind" (which beds a dark prophecy into addictive sounds), Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann display a greater versatility than ever, this time around. "Omen" generates an irresistible pull from a masterful combination of opposing forces, such as the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell, erotism and emotion, or atmosphere and club-feeling. The new album is sexy, sinister, opulent, fragile and full of floor-filling potential. "Omen" will hit shops as a regular album CD, a deluxe double disc version containing an exclusive second album of new songs and as a strictly limited fan box that contains the double CD, plus the exclusive acoustic disc „Dark & Pure Vol. 2“ (Blutengel-songs in "naked" versions accompanied by only a piano and an acoustic guitar), a deluxe A5 giant booklet with all lyrics and a lot of exclusive photos, plus 6 exclusive art prints of portrait paintings of Blutengel. The album will also hit download portals as a deluxe digital edition and as a special iTunes edition that will contain one more new song that is not available anywhere else. The word "Omen" is derived from Latin and means "premonition"... we have a solid premonition that Blutengel have created their best album to date.


01. Prologue: Omen
02. Sing
03. The Siren
04. Wir sind was wir sind
05. Give me
06. The War Between Us
07. Fire In The Distance
08. Dein Gott
09. Guilty
10. Save Us
11. Der Regen fällt…
12. Ich bin das Feuer
13. Holy Blood
14. Asche zu Asche
15. Bow Down
16. Elegy

Bonus Disc Deluxe Edition:
1. Inside Of Me 
2. Save Your Tears 
3. Am Abgrund 
4. Starkeeper (Album Version)
5. Fire In The Distance (Blutengel vs. Terminal Choice)
6. Stay (with me) 
7. Lovesong? 
8. Asche zu Asche (Static Violence Remix)

Acoustic Versions (exclusive Box Set Bonus Disc):
1. Sing (Acoustic Version)
2. Give Me (Acoustic Version)
3. Save Us (Acoustic Version)
4. Wir sind was wir sind (Acoustic Version)
5. Der Regen fallt… (Acoustic Version)

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