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Item no. : TC109
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 13 July 2018



Split LP from Portland, Oregon's CLITERATI(Discharge/Doom influenced Queercore thrash crust. Ex-members of Voetsek and Poison Idea) & VIOLATION WOUND (hardcore punk rock dor fans of Toxic Narcotic, Zeke and Fear) Feature Chris Reifert of Death Metal legends Autopsy on guitar / vocals.

A1. Water is Life - Cliterati
A2. Nowhere Feels Like Home – Cliterati
A3. Nuked At Birth – Cliterati
A4. War on the Poor – Cliterati
A5. Alt-Wrong – Cliterati
B1. Victimizer – Violation Wound
B2. Scrapheap – Violation Wound
B3. Worthless Figurehead – Violation Wound
B4. Salt in the Wound – Violation Wound
B5. The Church of Go Fuck Yourself – Violation Wound

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