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Item no. : GCR202012CD
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Release Date : 26 January 2024


When epic metal band MANILLA ROAD from Wichita, Kansas, appeared in 2000 with a new album and a concert at the "Bang Your Head" festival, it was a sensation for the underground scene, which is now much bigger than it was then. Although the new line-up sounded different from the two of the eighties, the band around mastermind MARK SHELTON remained true to its style. The underground label IRON GLORY (later BATTLE CRY), still new at the time, also lent itself to this, making important albums such as "Crystal Logic" available on CD.

The 2000s were also marked by Mark Shelton's own recording studio, MIDGARD SOUND LABS, which produced a very distinctive and sometimes polarizing sound. MANILLA ROAD were certainly an active band during this decade, but prior to 2012, they didn't tour extensively or leave the underground as far as festivals were concerned. These years saw the birth of relatively hard-edged albums, which are appreciated today by younger MANILLA ROAD fans.

"Spiral Castle", released in 2002, often tops the list. Just over 20 years later, here is the first remastered CD version of this album. An original master CDR from the recording studio was used as source material. As usual, the booklet contains liner notes, lyrics and rare photos.


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