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Tusmørke is a psychedelic, progressive folk rock band from Skien, Norway. “Bydyra” (“Urban Wildlife”) is their 5th full length
album, and also their first album for (and with) children. Comprising two original mini musicals written for a local children’s
school in Oslo, “Bydyra” manages to blend their unique take on prog rock with humor and relatively grown-­up topics like
urban wildlife, the skyrocketing prices of housing in Oslo, the financial crisis, social issues, global warming, and good and
bad magic. Although it’s meant for children, this album is just as enjoyable for prog-­loving adults.
Tusmørke is: Benediktator -­ vocals, bass, acoustic guitars, Glockenspiel, jaw harp, assorted percussion and loads of
handclaps, Krizla -­ vocals, flute and electronics, HlewagastiR -­ drums and percussion, Dauinghorn av Jordsjø -­ electric
guitar, and The Phenomenon Marxo Solina s-­ Steinway & Sons grand piano, MiniMoog model D, Solina Strings Ensemble,
Mellotron M400, SCI Prophet-­5, Arp Axxe, Arp Pro Soloist and Lindholm Spinet.
1. Tre som bor i et Tre (Three who live in a Tree)
2. Trefar (Three Father)
3. Mellomspill (Interlude)
4. Rottekongen (The Rat King)
5. På Biblioteket (At the Library)
6. Vi er eid (We are owned)
7. Dyrene i Byen (The Animals in the City)
8. Elvene i Oslo (The Rivers of Oslo)
9. Signekjerringa (The Sibyl)
10. Tenkeren (The Thinker)
11. Trollmannen (The Enchanter)
12. Lær de fattige å trylle (Teach Magic to the Poor)
13. Dyrene bor ute (Animals Live Outside)
14. Underboerne (The Underdwellers)
15. Katabasis
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